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Formerly known as American Tax & Financial Group, Elm3 Financial Group is an independent financial services and wealth management firm. Our team includes licensed CPAs, Enrolled Agents, Registered Investment Advisors and Licensed Insurance Agents that are dedicated to the success of our clients’ fiscal futures through objective, transparent, and effective strategies.

Elm3 delivers individual and small business financial services including investment advisorytax preparationinsurance servicesaccounting, bookkeeping and financial planning. With our variety of offerings, our team is able to analyze each client’s unique situation and extend an individualized and comprehensive services package.

We invest with discipline, no matter the market. Our tax preparation and planning recommendations are made to minimize your tax obligations for a better bottom line. And insurance evaluations are determined based upon each client’s unique circumstance. With all of these elements working together, financial decisions can be made with a full-picture approach.

Although every person and every business has different financial needs, one thing is the same. Your finances are interrelated. Your investments affect your taxes. The right insurance coverage can protect your family or estate. And if you own a business, your accounting affects your payroll. Having a partner that understands how these factors work together will give you the tools to manage your finances with confidence.

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